To you, O God, we lift up our hands in worship…we lower our shoulders in surrender… 

We lower our gaze in humility.  
We come before you, in grateful thanksgiving.  

Knowing that our time together has already been a purposeful experience.  

Knowing that the soil on which we stand is HOLY not because it is a sanctuary…  

Not because it is any more special than any other 

but rather because we are in YOUR presence.  
Creator God,

we thank you for the lessons of yesterday that help shape the newness of today.






In all YOUR many names, help us and guide us… 
BLESSED, we need a revolution

a revolution of your annointing GOD we ask that you fall upon each of us FROM the ground up not just from the tips of her heads into our hearts

BUT rather through our entire being
As that song of my youth spoke then: 

“Tomorrow may never come, my life is not promised.”

I am imperfect, yet and STILL you love me.

We are imperfect, but you love each and everyone of us.  
This church body under whose title and name we are united proclaims itself to be the United and Uniting Church of Christ.

Loving God, hold us to it. To that responsibility and calling.

Hold us to represent that unity of Holy Spirit that can make an IMPACT on this YOUR world around us.
We know that this ground on which we stand and walk is Holy because you are Holy.  
Creator God…

Make us to shine like lightposts 

bearing witness and creating justice for the world around us.  
God of Love,

show us how to love… 

For it is not always easy. But you never said it would be…


The one that is was and ever will be help us hear you.  

Guide our eyes that they might see

opportunities that abound for your creation to learn and to grow,

in our denomination… 

In this the Connecticut Conference… 

In our Associations… 

In each of our local churches and within each of our unique ministries.
But most of all Love of our lives shine in our individual hearts that we might better reflect YOU into the world rite large.
And all these we give to you that your will may be done.

En el nombre de Dios que creo nuestra realidad,

de el mismo Dios que camino sobre la tiera…

Y del Espiritu Santo. Amen