This needs to sit right here for further processing! “I’m confused on the black culture being appropriated part, as to my understanding (and historically noted) urban culture is not exclusive to African Americans and considering that Puerto Ricans are very much a part of the African Diaspora, African culture, is an essence of our lived experiences.”


J to the L-O hello! It seems Jennifer Lopez needed a wake-up call after her major faux pas on Monday when she carelessly tweeted a photo of she and Lin-Manuel Miranda promoting their new tribute single in honor of Pulse victims, Love Make the World Go Round. In a since-deleted tweet Ms. “Jenny from da block” allowed her political correctness to supersede any historical context of black lives mattering by erasing the specificity of black lives and relegating them to all lives. Yup, she did all of that in a hashtag and Vibe Viva editor Marjua Estevez gathered Ms. Lopez in the most epic of reads and said nearly everything many of us were thinking.

Jennifer Lopez getting called out on her privilege and selective memory was necessary as she has significantly benefitted from the many black lives she refused to acknowledge when co-opting a movement founded on the centering…

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